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February 25, 2023 1

Life is not hard, life is not painful, it is beautiful, life is overwhelming sometimes, it is pure and full of miracles.

I bet that when you were a kid you didn’t say that life it’s hard, and now, well, sometimes it’s unbearable. When we are kids, we have pure souls and minds and our actions are foolish, but kind. And then we grow up and everything gets messy and harder.

When you were a kid you didn’t say that life it’s hard

Life is bad or something else is?

I have just realized that life itself is not that bad, but some people are. As I grew up, I have met people, just like you, all kind of people, good and bad.

The thing is, from the people I’ve met in my life, I’ve picked up some “gifts”, or baggage, or traumas, why not.

Let’s go back a bit, we are children, we still use our hearts, then we grow up and meet people, some are hurt, some are scared, some are lonely, some are narcissistic or selfish, or some are just mean.

And from everyone, we take some things, some anger, frustration, judgmental thoughts, pain, heartache, tears, dark thoughts.

As I grew up, I have met people, just like you, all kind of people, good and bad

It’s like the ocean, pure and clean

And with all this baggage full of “stones” we move forward in life and “hit” others with our “goodies”. So we meet a new person who still has a heart and still uses it, but who is also hurt, and we start projecting our past traumas onto them and so, we put salt on their wounds.

What I’m trying to tell you is that we don’t heal, we don’t take the time to fight our demons. We are really unbearable. Life is very beautiful, it’s like the ocean, pure and clean, but without us, humans.

Life is very beautiful, it’s like the ocean, pure and clean,

And before you think or say that “Yeah, but those people have their own traumas and that’s why they act like that”. Let me tell you something, we all have, we’ve all had traumatic experiences, but you don’t deserve my frustration and I don’t deserve yours!

And I’ll tell you something, one day I woke up, full of life and energy, and I was listening to a good song (I’ll leave some of it below for you to read) while making coffee and guess what, my phone rang once and someone was upset, then rang again, another person told me “You should do this and this and the other”, and then again. And by the end of the day, I was exhausted, sad, and I was drowning in my own uncertainty.

Still have wings to fly and still smile

So yes, we are all pour salt on each other’s wounds, we are not healing, we are destroying people.

But on the other side, there are other types of people, those who have been through hell but still have wings to fly and still smile.

From these kind of people we also take something, and that is called HOPE.

Those who have been through hell but still have wings to fly

Maybe we should make life beautiful again

Maybe we should take this instead, to carry with us for the rest of our lives. And when we meet people, maybe we should share HOPE with them. And maybe we should give to others what we want to receive. Maybe we should make life beautiful again.

We don’t need salt on our wounds, we need love on our bruises and hope in our eyes.

We need love on our bruises and hope in our eyes

“Every night i used to pray that I’d find my people.

And finally, I did

On the open road

We had nothing to lose

Nothing to gain

Nothing we desired anymore

Except to make our lives into a work of art

I believe in the kindness of strangers

Lana del Rey – Ride.

Except to make our lives into a work of art
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May 6, 2022 0

Here are the best 25+ Quotes about overthinking and overthinkers while you are overthinking about everything again and again and again. But first let me tell you something, you are not alone.

I am an overthinker just like you and I know that sometimes it is hard, especially at night when you think about everything and everyone, it is just like a storm that never ends.




  1. Overthinkers care a lot about everything and everyone.
  2. Overthinkers have true feelings because they know how it feels when you are betrayed so trust me, they will never betray because they know how hard it is.
  3. Overthinkers are human beings so they make mistakes. But when they make a mistake, they are really sorry and they will do everything to fix things again.
  4. Overthinkers can’t sleep at night because of their choices.
  5. They might seem insecure, but they are not.
  6. They are really sensitive, when they cry, they cry because they feel things deeply even if you think they are “rocks”, they are not.
  7. They can’t let go of something, they don’t want you to be hurt and broken and they are breaking their own hearts and souls.
  8. Overthinkers tend to be perfectionists, so they are very hard on themselves because they have big expectations and unfortunately, they expect a lot from others.
  9. They take decisions hard, but when they decide something, they won’t look back again.
  10. They are “a bag filled with stress”, so please be calm around an overthinker, it is already hard for them.
  11. Overthinkers become attached to their burdens.
  12. If you are thinking about “what other people would say about this or that”, you are not living.
  13. Overthinkers know who they are, but the problem is that fear is a part of them.
  14. You can’t change who you are, but you can change your everyday thoughts.
  15. If thinking can make you sick, maybe also thinking can heal you, just change the perspective.
  16. If you think about a situation that happened in the past, you are wasting your time, just act different the next time when you have the chance.
  17. If you can say bad things in your head about yourself over and over again, just try to speak nicely next time, you will be surprised.
  18. You are not a burden, you are not difficult, you are complex and different.
  19.  Overthinking is like a poison without a cure.
  20. Thinking too much is hard, not thinking at all is stupid. Choose the middle path always.
  21. Overthinking makes everything worse than it actually is. Always.
  22. You can’t have only bad days, you just have to realize that not everything is bad.
  23. If you don’t have a problem that you can “touch”, then you might have a problem that doesn’t even exist in the first place.
  24. Always listen to your gut and just feel, without thinking if it is good or bad.
  25. Instead of overthinking about something, you can just ask nicely. It is easier.
  26. Put your thoughts to sleep and let yourself do.
  27. If you constantly worry about things going wrong, it won’t help things go right.

Overthinking can lead you to worry about situations that might never happen. Overthinkers just think too much and they might need your help. If you can help, do it, if you can’t, don’t make the situation harder, it is already hard for them.



If you are an overthinker, don’t let your mind murder your dreams. Kill your unnecessary thoughts and just live.



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April 3, 2022 0

About toxic behavior and how to stop this kind of traits. Are you a toxic person or do you have someone who is extremely toxic for your life?

We all deal, at some point or we come across someone who is toxic and causes a lot of problems. These kind of people are toxic because of the way they manage things, treat the others, the way they talk, do things.


Toxic traits on toxic people

All toxic people have these toxic traits. They are manipulative, can create conflicts over simple things, may abuse you emotionally, verbally, physically, and they can do a lot of bad things and despite that, it is always your fault.

Let’s clarify one simple thing. Who is a toxic person? It may be a colleague, a friend, your partner and even a family member. We usually don’t recognize toxic behavior from the beginning, but why?

It is because they are close to our heart. And yes, we tend to have blind spots for such people. We usually ignore their toxic behavior only because there is a really strong connection and if we have feelings, they won’t hurt us, right?

A toxic person (even you can be one) is someone who causes you a lot of stress, negativity, anger and sorrow to your life. And if you ever asked someone “why are you acting like this?” or just said “your behavior is not ok, you have to do something“, you have your answer.

These kind of people are not toxic because they want to be. They just have been through trauma themselves. Instead of dealing with that trauma, they just live with it and start being like that.

How can you recognize someone as toxic?

They are trying to take all the control, so you’ll do what they want and if you won’t obey, it will be hard for yourself, only because they tend to use people for their own purpose. Toxic people judge a lot, but they are not better, can criticize you in front of others to belittle you and for them may be fun.

They tend to blame others for their own mistakes, it is your fault, every time for everything. Also, toxic people are aggressive if things don’t go the way they want. That’s why they can start a conflict anytime and because of that, they tend to dominate other people.

How to change toxic behavior

If you really care about yourself as you should, you have to deal with them or you will end up not that good. But if you are the toxic one, don’t wait and do something or you might end up alone.

Always remember, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO FIX SOMEONE. You can offer your help to someone but make sure you have enough emotional energy left for your own good.

You have to take a step forward and say no. Set some boundaries, make yourself a priority. Don’t move to another city to get rid of toxic people.  It’s possible to offer compassion to such people, but that’s all. You can’t change them if they don’t want to.

On the other hand, if you think that maybe you are a toxic person, reach out for help. Be aware of yourself and your behavior and only you can let go of that traumaChange for your own good first! Afterwards you can keep people in you life and you can treat them properly.


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